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I am embarking on another 365 personal project.  For those who may not have been following me, I did one in 2013, and when I finished never thought I’d do another one. Ever. But, I printed them, my kids loved looking at the photos, we moved houses, they grew up a bit more, and I was feeling the need to make sure I was getting these changes. I can’t stop time, but I can freeze a moment, create art from the everyday, and leave behind something for my kids to look back on. I learned a lot from my last 365 project, which I may share in a blog post soon if there is enough interest. I hope to learn as much, if not more, as I did last time.

I didn’t start January 1, as most do, as I truly believe you can start a personal project whenever you feel like it, and a year is a year wherever you start it from.  So, if you haven’t started yet, but want to, please don’t wait a whole year for an arbitrary date. There is as much power in the NOW as there is in January 1 2016…maybe a bit more ;).

I’d love to hear what personal projects you are working on now. Whether it’s a 365, a 52 week, or some other project, I truly believe personal projects do much to recharge your creativity, challenge your skills and add to your growth in so many different ways. I hope you’ll join me on mine.

Here’s what the first two weeks of 365 days looked like for me…

Week 1


Week 2

Week 2



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