When someday becomes today…Calgary newborn photography

The beginning of the new year in Calgary really was a little bit of a baby boom for my business!  I loved all of it, but now that it has died down a little, I wanted to share some if my favourites.  And this is one of them…..

Someday you will have your own hopes and dreams, not knowing that once upon a time I closed my eyes and dreamed to have you in my life.


This quotes really gets to the heart of how I feel about this session. And it happens to be on one of the cards mom received when this little one was born too. It perfect. It’s truth. It says more than I ever could about this session. Take a look at the maternity session here, and you can see how close of a family they really are.

I hope your little family is every dream come true for you. You so richly deserve this.

Here are a few of my favourites….







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