We went to Canmore…

We went to Canmore. Exactly one week before the floods hit, wrecked havoc and caused devastation.   It’s amazing now when I look back at the photos.  One short week later and it all changed. Hard to believe. Originally I was going to post our trip as soon as I got home, but then I got busy, and, within the last few weeks, even busier.  Now what I want to post is different.  Beyond all the snuggles, walks, late night movies and fun we had, these pictures below really hit home for me.  We were slowly walking through the town our first night there, exploring and eating way too much candy.  Walking past the firehall, I pointed it out to Liam, who had his fire truck themed birthday a few weeks earlier.  Evan saw movement in the firehall and asked if we could see the trucks.  I said I didn’t think so, to which Evan, ever the optimist, said “Well, we will see about that. You never know.”  Just then a door opened. A fireman walked out to go to his car.  Half wanting to explain why we were standing in the parking lot, and half hoping Evan would be right, I told him that Liam LOVED firetrucks.  I never got my sentence out when immediately he asked if we wanted to see them up close.  And of course we did. With that, the doors opened and my little guy’s greatest wish was complete…


Jennifer Kapala Canmore Firehall Personal


I think of that night often.  What happened since and how hard those same men worked to save Canmore the following Friday.  They made my son’s day with such a small gesture and then saved countless others with huge heroic ones.  I can’t thank them enough for both acts.

Because you do really never know.

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P.S. If you or someone you know has lost their photos due to the recent floods, please visit yycmemories and we will help you create new ones. We may not be firemen but we can help out the only way we know how.



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