Underwater Calgary Photography

A few months ago, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Santa Barbara for the NAPCP Retreat to teach about setting (and achieving) inspirational goals for your photography business (no, they aren’t mutually exclusive) and underwater photography.  Underwater photography is an incredible passion of mine, which may ben odd for a photographer in land locked Alberta, but I have found and shared with another local photographer, an amazing indoor pool location.

The whole event was just incredible and I shared some of the maternity session I did here. I also got lucky enough to photograph a little girl, who was an incredible swimmer and much faster than me! It was a struggle to keep up to her as I discovered just how slow of a swimmer I REALLY am.   The challenge here believe it or not, was that this was not a full sized pool, but a dipping pool, which means that while the skin tones were easy to work with, it was overall MUCH more difficult to shoot in.

Here are some of my favs….

See you later Santa Barbara….

If you are looking for fun dewater session this summer, I will be hosting our “Pool Party” Sessions again with Barb Toyama again. For more information and to be put on our waiting list, contact me at info@jenniferkapalaphotography.com

Wouldn’t you like to dive in that water?





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