Summer is HERE!

Finally its summer, after I think what was THE longest winter ever!  True story, this family contacted me in March to book a family session. It had been a few years since they last had portraits and they wanted to capture the whole family, including their two furry family members. All week, I watched the weather and was worried. Gosh it looked terrible. Dark. And stormy.  All week the forecast had terrible rain and lightening.  It poured every day. Except for the day we had the session booked. The forecast was clear sunny skies and the warmest weather we had in weeks.  Then more rain for another week. If you live in Calgary, you know better than to trust long range forecasts. Or even hourly forecasts. So I watched, and waited. I could hardly believe it when it was an incredibly perfect night. The sun was at a perfect height and an incredible colour, the trees and grass were a lush green, AND the family, and their pups, were such fun to be with – it felt like I was taking pictures of long lost friends.

One picture, which to me, sums up that night perfectly.

Here’s to a whole summer of these nights. This is what we have summers for.



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