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Jennifer Kapala Baby


Can’t wait to show you the rest of little C’s session!

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A maternity share from today’s session, which is one I certainly will never forget….

Jennifer Kapala MaternityMore to come soon :)

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I shared a few from this morning’s session on my Facebook page already, but I wanted to post this one on my website. I love this moment between baby and mom, a quiet, connected moment, where mom is just breathing in her baby. It feels like it’s just the two of them, a moment from a busy extended family session.  These  memories are what you want to hang onto, to remember when they don’t want to be carried and are too big to fit into your arms any longer…just breathe…

Jennifer Kapala Family Photography

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This is a bit of a personal session share.  All winter long I had an idea of a shoot and after a long time planning I was lucky enough to pull it together.  I’ll share part of that session another time, but for now wanted to share some of my favourite pictures of  the teen who helped  me out.

Beautiful girl and a beautiful night…

Jennifer Kapala Tenn Photography

So hard to pick out just a few to share….more to come later.

If you are thinking of getting pictures done for graduation, I’d love to do more sessions like this!

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A quick sneak peek from this morning’s session.  Thanks guys for showing me an awesome location that your family really enjoys… :)

Jennifer Kapala Family


More to come soon!

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