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B L A C K F R I D A Y S A L E \\ 20% off Select Sessions.

Every year I pick a phrase that I try to live my life by for that year. This year I am ahead of the game and already have 2017 lined up. It’s “Rethink What’s Possible” and I would love to share what’s possible with you. A limited number of  select sessions are available at 20% off only for today.  From custom sessions in the studio that will get you rethinking what’s possible for your session, to unique milk bath sessions, or coaching sessions  customized to help YOU have your best 2017.

We all have seen those gorgeous maternity milk bath sessions, but why limit yourself to just that? From nursing sessions, to kid’s sessions (who hasn’t wanted to swim in a tub of Fruit Loops?), to personal portraits, anything is possible! And Sears be gone from studio sessions! They are dynamic, fun and interactive – just like your family!  Finally, if you are looking for help to rethink what’s possible for you in 2017, I am offering coaching sessions to help you get there. When you “rethink what’s possible” the sky really is the limit!

The details – Limited number of select sessions at 20% off for 2017 (only 5 available because this year was my fifth year in business!). For full pricing information, contact me at or 403-608-1875

Discount available from now to until today at 11:59 pm MT





When you rethink – what’s possible for you in 2017?


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