Quiet Strength – Calgary Family Photography

I loved this whole session, and will blog it all very soon, but for now one frame that has had a huge impact on me. There is something so quietly strong about it. She is at once serene and resolute and all wise beyond her years. I may have made mom cry when I asked her to tell her something that she was proud of her for. I feel there’s the story in her eyes if you look long enough…


Jennifer Kapala Calgary Family Photography

It got me really thinking about my art and the dichomotmy that I often find myself in with it.  It’s that soft yet strong contrast.  What’s the most profound thing anyone has said to you about your photography? Something that really stuck with you? Mine, was so simple, it would have been easy to miss it, but it opened up a new world to me…. “there’s softness there, so pay attention to that”.

Of course I have also had some really hard teachers who made the world of difference, but that softness comment changed me. Because I am the type of person who takes those things to heart if they resonate with me, and it did….

What’s your story? What experience have you had that has changed you? Life will change you if you are brave enough to let it….


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