Personal – Smash that Cake!

Today is my youngest son’s birthday, and I thought I would share in some of the fun he had at his first birthday Smash that Cake session :).  It’s hard to believe that a year ago, my baby was born.  It is so true that time does fly, and what a year it’s been.  From the moment you stopped crying and tried to look at me when they first put you in my arms, to your first words (mom of course!) and now to your first steps. It has been truly an amazing time with you watching you grow and develop and try desperately to keep up with your older brothers, while fiercely asserting yourself and managing to steal all their food. You have a wicked sense of humour, have the craziest hair, love to dance and are so very laid back.  You will most assuredly be my most talkative child yet, and anyone who knows my boys, knows you certainly have your work cut out for you there. You love water and sometimes I think are part fish because you love getting really, really, really wet….just ask the dog as you are forever trying to dunk yourself in her water bowl!

While I cannot wait to see you grow up, I also want to remember to treasure every moment right now, because they are so fleeting.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!




  • Completely adorable! Happy Birthday big guy!

  • Anne Kerr

    Happy Birthday Liam! Your mom is one talented lady!! Jennifer this came out beautiful and I love what you wrote.

  • Joan

    Great pictures! What a wonderful, charming, delightful little lad you are Liam! May your life be full of happy memories, lots of fun with family and friends. “Happy Birthday” Liam. Love, Gramma xo

  • Robbi King

    Is so happy to see her little Terk enjoying himself so much. What an incredible little boy. He never fails to cheer me up and I truly love him. I was so blessed to be there when he was born and I will forever be attached to him in a very special way! I love you Liam!

    P.S. Jenn, great photos by the way! You are so amazing at what you do!

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