Personal projects- Keep getting in the frame


Its finally feeling like summer.  Well, it was until today.  I am still here, sessions, lots of sessions, and life, as usual, has a way of sneaking up on you and I have been so busy I haven’t posted for a while.

When times get crazy and there is barley room to breathe, I always try to make some room for my creative space and some quiet. It used to be the first to go, but I found that the more I pushed myself, the more I stayed creative and the better the rest of life was. For everyone in it, but most especially for my ability to be creative on the job.

You may have read a previous post on getting in the frame and existing in pictures here. Its been my solace,  this project.  A little bit of sanity carved out just for me.  I am trying to avoid just showing up in picture with my children, though I feel thats terribly important, I also feel that its equally important to just be who I am, part of thats a mom, but not all of it.  Long before I wanted children, I read reams and reams of poems and old english literature, and tons of history texts.  And long before that, I was a young girl with a big imagination and a fascination with knights and castles, witches and fairies, though for the record, I never was a princess in my dreams. I was always wanted to be a knight out on horseback racing to my next victory. If you know me at all, thats probably hardly surprising.

The point is, its as much a project to show them how they fit into my arms, as it is also a chance to rediscover who I am and what interests me.  Both are equally valid and both deserve my time and attention. As life changes, as my kids grow, I want to grow too. Otherwise all my pictures will be of me, waiting like the princess of yesterday, to be rescued. And we all know the knight made for a way more interesting story.

Keep getting in the frame. For you and for them.

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