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Last year, around this time, I wrote this blog post letting the world know, or at least my mom and dad who I am sure are the only regular readers here, that I was committing to doing a personal photography project where I took a picture a week. Specifically, a picture of myself a week.  It was a project 52 called “Get in the Frame”.  52 weeks, 52 frames and 52 pictures to prove that I exist, and not just behind the lens.

At first my reason, like many parents reasons, was to do it for the kids. To show them, really show them how I held them, how I snuggled them, how I loved them and the things we did. About halfway through, things changed for me with this project.  It became about really redefining me. What I wanted, who I was, what my hopes and dreams were. It was a powerful reawakening of many things I had buried under the daily M-F grind of life, where it is all too easy to become focused on making a living, and not a life. I wrote about some of my early thoughts about it here.

In the end, compiling some of my favs, I am incredibly proud and thankful I did this project. It was a challenge, like anything worth doing, to really follow through when giving up is so easy. But as I looked back on some of the ones below, I love the moments I captured because I see me. The mom, the wife, the worker, the photographer, and most of all just me. The real one.  Free from all the labels, the name and the notions of who I “should” be.

It’s nice to find her again.

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