Personal – New Year’s Resolutions

Even though it was a lovely warm winter day in Calgary, John and I slept though our alarm clock got up as soon as the kids did, packed up lunches, snacks and three children to check out the new TELUS Spark Science Centre. Despite the bad reviews it has gotten, we had a lot of fun, albeit very expensive fun.  It isn’t cheap to get in, which makes it something you want to go to all day. However as a mom of three kids ages 11 (almost 12), 3 1/2 and 18 months, I often struggle to find things that are cool and engaging enough for my oldest, while still being something that my youngest can participate in. That’s a pretty tall order, but the science centre really hit the mark.  Even better was that my two oldest found lots of things they could do together. We spent two hours in the Creative Kids Museum alone and left after 4 hours not having covered the whole thing.  A small word of warning – the cafeteria, though bigger than the one in the old building, was still really tiny and I would suggest packing a lunch and snack unless you enjoy heat lamp hamburgers 🙂

We were all pretty tired when we left (John and I in particular) but we’ll definitely be back as it’s a great way to let the kids burn off some energy and they had a ton of fun doing it!

What’s a post without pictures…


What does this have to do with New Year’s Resolutions?  Take a close look to see if you notice 😉



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