Out on a Limb

Well, it’s Saturday night, and as I have young kids (still), there is little else for me to do sometimes other than to go all nostalgic. Luckily, you can come along for the ride, or not as you wish 🙂

As you may know, I shoot with film as well as with digital. For some reason when I switched to digital, I never gave up my favourite film body, primarily because I love infrared film. LOVE it. I think it’s one of the most poetic films. Like anything that is truly worth doing, it’s the hardest to obtain (kodak has stopped making my favourite kind), one of the most finicky to get an exposure on and on of the hardest to process correctly. I am totally in love with it for all those very reasons and the fact that the results are otherworldly, and nothing I have seen since comes close (in my opinion).

Here is one very old example of my infrared photography, taken in Ontario when I was feeling particularly moody. You’ll have to pardon the dust and stratches on the film and the scanned image. It’s a work in progress, hence the “out on a limb” title :).

Thanks for making the trip down memory lane with me.


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