New Product

I am super excited to showcase the new product I recently got in! You may recall in this post that I hinted I had a really cool product I would be launching shortly. Well it’s here and I can’t wait to share it!

You may remember this picture from our family beach session in Hawaii.

I really struggled what to do for G with this shot. I knew I wanted to capture what he had accomplished in Hawaii, in particular the fact that he learned he loved to surf, and we learned how natural he was at it.

How do you make those big days for your tweens and teens memorable and really stand out? Most of them won’t think canvas is cool and aren’t into framed pieces of art (that stuff is for your walls), so how do you commemorate a special occasion (graduations, vacations, special achievements, etc) ¬†with something that will not only stand out as a great conversation piece, but will actually get hung on the wall?

You put it on a custom skateboard deck…

And the final verdict?

I think this time, I got it right!


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