NAPCP – What’s in an acronym anyways?


NAPCP, PPOC, etc….what does it all mean anyways, and why bother? Before I lapse into a photographese a different language all together, I thought I should try to clarify what I am trying to accomplish here.

Whenever people share a common profession, experience, or employer even, there often develops a certain language, which though it is understood by those who speak it, comes across as very foreign to others. Sigh. Having worked in several large government organizations, I would like to say that it’s exclusive to them, but it’s not. Photographers are just as guilty as everyone else.

So, what does NAPCP stand for, why am I thrilled I got accepted, and what does it mean for those of you looking to hire a photographer? NAPCP stands for the National Association of Professional Child Photographers. It’s an association, which after a peer review of your work, you are invited to join. Personally, I applied because I am committed to ongoing professional development in the area of maternity, newborn, child and family photography. As an added bonus, I am connected to an amazing community of like minded artists, and hooked into a lot of professional resources to encourage growth and development both as an artist and as a business person. As parents, NAPCP provides you with a resource were you can go and find out more about field, as well as check out photographers in your area.

And as far as I am concerned, that’s a win-win for both!

Happy Sunday!


p.s. Now that you know why I am excited about that little blue icon, make sure you click the NAPCP button to see what they are all about!

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