Heartfelt Moments

Its been a whirlwind of a summer, and I have loved meeting a whole bunch of new families!  I loved this incredible light filled session, that included fury little friends and older “kids” – some of my favourite sessions span across the generations.

Here are a few of my favourites…

Hope you have had an incredible summer…watch out for Christmas sessions information soon – yes thats right!!


Cozy Newborn Session

We have had such grey, cold and stormy weather lately, that it seems a little odd to be wanting to wrap yourself in a blanket in July and hibernate, but thats exactly what I felt like doing lately! I loved this cozy little newborn session from a few days ago, which seemed to suit the weather just fine!  

Who wants to join him??!!!?


Mother’s Day Sessions!

I love my Mother’s Day Sessions!  Every year I try to create a special experience focused on moms and their kids, and leave them with some memories (and maybe a mimosa ;)). This year, I was lucky enough to have a fabulous group of mom’s back in the studio for my Celebrating Mom sessions. Today I am sharing my favourites (they were SO hard to narrow down) from this  mom’s session which I think really captures our time together, and her kids personalities!  I have had the extreme good fortune to work with this family over the last few years and have been lucky enough to photograph maternity sessions, newborns sessions and family sessions, including ones with their best friends.  I have had the privilege of watching this family grow and change, of seeing the kids learn to do new things, and most importantly, of making a connection with them that feels more like a friendship that picks up right where we  left off last.

I am so damn lucky to be able to have those connections. Here are a few of my favourites…

With gratitude,



Summer is HERE!

Finally its summer, after I think what was THE longest winter ever!  True story, this family contacted me in March to book a family session. It had been a few years since they last had portraits and they wanted to capture the whole family, including their two furry family members. All week, I watched the weather and was worried. Gosh it looked terrible. Dark. And stormy.  All week the forecast had terrible rain and lightening.  It poured every day. Except for the day we had the session booked. The forecast was clear sunny skies and the warmest weather we had in weeks.  Then more rain for another week. If you live in Calgary, you know better than to trust long range forecasts. Or even hourly forecasts. So I watched, and waited. I could hardly believe it when it was an incredibly perfect night. The sun was at a perfect height and an incredible colour, the trees and grass were a lush green, AND the family, and their pups, were such fun to be with – it felt like I was taking pictures of long lost friends.

One picture, which to me, sums up that night perfectly.

Here’s to a whole summer of these nights. This is what we have summers for.



Branding Session – Highlighting Local Talent

I love branding sessions, and the chance to work with other small businesses. It’s how you connect as an entrepreneur, how you support each other, and how you create community.  I particularly love supporting local businesses right in my own community of Mahogany. This is the incredible Carey from Sweet Magnifique, an incredible artistic baker specializing in the most beautiful 3 D custom cakes. Her cakes are truly a work of art AND they taste better then they look. I should know. I ordered a cake for my son’s birthday recently and everyone commented not only how incredible the cake looked, but how wonderful it tasted. She has raised the bar for birthday cakes in this household to a dangerous level ;).

Take a look at a small selection of her cakes and the branding images we created and then head to her website to find out more about her and how to order your next cake- you won’t regret it!


Isn’t her work gorgeous!!??




A few of my favourite moments….

Its been a loooooong time since I have posted nothing here, and I have wanted to share so much work that I have been doing lately!  From underwater sessions, extended family sessions, new babes, and of course our Mother’s Day Celebration Sessions we had a few months back.

I am sharing a very quiet moment in a very busy day for one of my little clients. I have said this before, and its true. The quiet moments are usually my favourite. I love the soft light falling on his face, mom’s hand in the background, his little curls highlighted by the light, and the movement of a pudgy little hand, not quite a baby anymore, away from mom to stretch out and start to explore the world outside. To me, its like a transition from baby to toddler in three short frames…


What do you think?


Summer session are booking up fast!  Stay tuned for a announcement shortly on a Pool Party Underwater Celebration that promises to be fun!



Dancing in the light – New Central Library

The new Central Library is an awesome place, full in incredible architecture, wonderful light, lots of activities and most of all incredible books. It truly re-imagines the way libraries can be and operate and how they are still relevant in times of ebooks and the internet. Its also a pretty awesome place for a family session, especially during this incredibly cold winter.

Here are a few of my favs…

Where are your favourite locations as a family?




Magical Underwater Maternity Session

Its no secret – I love underwater sessions for maternity and family pictures. For sure they aren’t for everyone. They are more difficult to do then you think. They are messy, sometimes cold and definitely tiring – not for everyone.

And thats a good thing.

There are lots of places in Calgary and surrounding areas to get maternity and family photos done. There are mountains, the new library, downtown, lots and lots of parks, and fields and grassy spots. I am sure you have seen a lot of those sessions.

They are for everyone.

But does that mean they are for you and your family?

Think about all the possibilities for your next family, child or maternity session. Give me a call if you want to book something magical for you.



Its All About The Love – Calgary Newborn Session

I have had a lot of little ones in the studio lately, and I wanted to share this sweet one from earlier this year. Late last year I photographed  mom’s amazing underwater maternity session here. I STILL haven’t posted all my faves from that session, but I wanted to share the time we spent in the studio with little’ L’s newborn session.  Mostly because we just had valentines, which is all about the love, and that’s what stands out for me in this session. The love. The love between mom and dad and the love for their newborn son. It was tangible.

I said it before, and I will say it again.

I love people in love.

And the little smile right at the end?  I think my heart melted when I saw that!

Happy Family Day to all!



A Freshly Featured Newborn Session!

One of the best things about having an indoor studio is, aside from being able to escape the polar temps we have now, being able to offer new parents a place they can come, relax and get beautiful photos done of their growing family. I am hearing more and more parents who are acknowledging just how much effort it is to clean up their house, even a little, and are opting instead to come to a space that’s child friendly, where they can put up their feet (literally I have a lovely blue coffee table) and just relax and enjoy their session without having to pick up a single thing.  And they get to leave the mess  afterwards too 😉

I love being able to provide the space and time for them, and also create images like these…

I just love the little toddler hand sneaking into the picture too – such a sweet gesture for his new little sister!

Feel free to contact me about booking a newborn studio session or to learn about my newborn/maternity packages!



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