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I love, love, love simple, focused on the baby portraits. I love capturing how they move, the little details, dry hands, little toes, sweet lips and crazy baby hair. And I always feel so lucky to be asked to capture those little details.

Thanks for asking me.

Here are a few of my favourites….

What do you think?


How do you see yourself?

I get it.

Really I do.

I am there too.

Only five more pounds then I will.

When I get my hair done, then I will.

I have to get new clothes, then I will.

As moms, there a million different reasons we say we will…sometime.

But that’s how you see you. What if, what if just for a second, you imagine how your kids see you.

I hated this picture series.

I should have pressed my shirt (what what I thinking??).  I should have sucked in a little more (what WAS I thinking?).  I should have lifted my chin so you wouldn’t have seen the wrinkles anymore. Clearly I WASN’T thinking.

I should haves was all that I saw.

There were only things I didn’t like about this picture.

Until my youngest son said it was perfect.

Which I still don’t see.

But he sure does.


What does perfect look like? And whose version are you trying to live up to?



Just one frame

Sometimes just one frame is all you need to tell a story. From a milestone birthday recently celebrated, to the arrival of a new life and a remembering of a loved one no longer with us. I love photos full of meaning, and this one is rich in it.

Welcome to the world little man.






Garage Light – Photography Tips

Now that its not a  minus a million in Calgary anymore, and you can go outside without freezing to death (I am only slightly exaggerating – we just had our warmest day in the last 129 days and still had to wear jackets), I wanted to show you a quick tip for gorgeous light….right in your garage…

Seriously, garage light is the best. It creates soft, even light,  amazing catch lights and great fall off in your shadows. I typically shoot nearer to the front and drop my exposure a bit to get deeper shadows.

Look at this. Right out of the camera, no editing.  My youngest son “as is” – shirt inside out, dirty and remainders of lunch on his face!  BUT do you see the light in his eyes and how he pops against the background (well except for the white ladder). I purposely didn’t move anything in the photo to clear the background, because I just finished cleaning the garage (an optional step) and was way too lazy to be moving a thing. If you know me at all, you know how much I hate clutter in backgrounds, so I resisted all my OCD tendencies here…..


Here is where I ended up. I chose a very very simple black and white conversion and only processed it in LightRoom.  I used a clone brush to clone out some of the ladder you could still see, and take the food off his face, and a brush to increase the clarity to make his hair and freckles stand out.  The wind which hit at the perfect time was a bonus 🙂


Go out and try it tomorrow and show me your favs!!


Waiting for Spring – Underwater Maternity

I recently had the honour of photographing the incredible Kathryn Langley Photography  at her own underwater maternity session. When Kathryn asked me a few months ago, I was very honoured – she is a talented individual and co-creating with a fellow artist is always such a fun thing to do!  We planned for months in advance and I am super happy with the results, and for now, will share one which I thought was appropriate given our “spring” in Calgary! She killed her session!

I think this is the only sign of spring I have seen so far!

If you are looking to book your underwater maternity session, I would love to connect with you!



Happy Easter!

I got the idea to take those small little mini chocolate eggs that I my kids love and put my son into a magical Easter egg forest….one that has eggs more like the size he is looking for just for fun.

Here is a little bit of what we created!

Hope you have a Happy Easter and get some really, really, really big eggs 😉


Sweet little newborn session

I just had a sweet little newborn session and wanted to share a few of my favourites with you. He’s five days old here, and a truly miracle baby!  He had the most calm expressions, never got upset and had a way of staring into your eyes trying to figure you out….I almost kept him 😉

Isn’t he perfect???




Milk Bath Maternity Session

Beautiful, etherial and unique are a few of the words I would use to describe this mom-to-be. I won’t lie, it made my heart leap when she contacted me asking specifically for a maternity milk bath session. I simply ADORE them and think they are such a unique way to celebrate motherhood. And then I met her. Seriously, she rides and owns horses, and well, I could literally talk all day about horses, so there’s that :).

We spent some time in the studio, and while I love those looks, I wanted to share a few of my favs from the milk bath session….

I cannot wait to meet her new little one soon!

If you are looking for one of a kind maternity sessions, I would love to hear from you! If you are looking for unique Mother’s Day Sessions, stay tuned, I am making and announcement soon!



Hold on to the ones you love

I find more and more that I am drawn to simple portraits that express the connection between the subjects (hopefully).  I have worked a lot in the past year on my back and whites as I have found they add to the simplicity, and cut out all the noise that colour can sometimes bring.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of black and white or colour? If you are interested in getting simple portraits like this done, I am looking to expand my portfolio, so please contact me for more details.

Cheers, Jennifer

Expressive Hands

I recently completed a month of shooting with the theme of “expressive hands” in mind.  I had a whole blog post in mind about how the images came about, how I liked focusing on one area and really exploring it. etc. But you know what? I just love them. The six most important little (and big) beings in my home….



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