One for Mom and one for Dad – Calgary Newborn Photography

You are four days old and already Mom and Dad are so in love. You are four days old and fit into Dad’s hands only for a little while.  You are four days old and you truly are a miracle.

This is one for Mom who loves little ones held by Dad and one for Dad who loves little dangling baby toes…

Jennifer Kapala New born session-1

Thank you for inviting me into your home to document your first few moments as a family. I am grateful for the opportunity.




What I love – Calgary Family Photographer

What I love about sessions where kids get to be kids, it’s the natural moments, like this sweet series of a brother and sister, well, being a brother and sister :). To me, there is nothing like being able to capture these types of memories for longer, you know when they are both older and will be embarrassed by it all ;)

Jennifer Kapala Child Photography 3-2

Jennifer Kapala Child Photography 3-3



What are some of your favourite moments between your children, or to capture between children?


Quiet Strength – Calgary Family Photography

I loved this whole session, and will blog it all very soon, but for now one frame that has had a huge impact on me. There is something so quietly strong about it. She is at once serene and resolute and all wise beyond her years. I may have made mom cry when I asked her to tell her something that she was proud of her for. I feel there’s the story in her eyes if you look long enough…


Jennifer Kapala Calgary Family Photography

It got me really thinking about my art and the dichomotmy that I often find myself in with it.  It’s that soft yet strong contrast.  What’s the most profound thing anyone has said to you about your photography? Something that really stuck with you? Mine, was so simple, it would have been easy to miss it, but it opened up a new world to me…. “there’s softness there, so pay attention to that”.

Of course I have also had some really hard teachers who made the world of difference, but that softness comment changed me. Because I am the type of person who takes those things to heart if they resonate with me, and it did….

What’s your story? What experience have you had that has changed you? Life will change you if you are brave enough to let it….


Black and white – Calgary Maternity Photography

Simple. Elegant. Timeless. These are words which come to mind with this couple. When all the world is  running rampant with colour, I wanted to show this session in all it’s back and white glory.  The simplicity, elegance and timelessness of black and white reminds me of them And I wanted to show more about their relationship and the time they have together than the distraction colour can bring. What do you think?

Here are a few of my favourites…







Jennifer Kapala Maternity-1-13


Jennifer Kapala Maternity-1-12


I cannot wait to meet their little one soon…




Fall Harvest – Calgary Family Photographer

I hope you enjoyed a spectacular Calgary fall weekend – I know I did!  I have a ton of sessions that I cant wait to share – it’s been a very busy fall. First, this one. What a way to start your Monday morning with this little sweetie! I love this family and had the best time with them.  You know its a great sign that everyone (not just you) is having fun when one of the littles pipes up and says “let’s take more pictures!” And so we did.

I just adore the expression she has on her face as she cradles her “fall harvest”….of course the next second she threw it right at me ;)

Jennifer Kapala Calgary Child Photography-1


Isn’t that a great way to start the week?




It’s officially fall – Calgary Family Photography

It’s officially fall and it looks like it will be a spectacular one! The leaves are incredible this year and I have a number of family sessions coming up and can’t wait to photograph them!  For now though, in the midst of all the colour this season brings, a black and white….because sometimes there is nothing like a simple black and white portrait to really portray someone.

Jennifer Kapala Calgary Family Photography

What do you think?



A Few Minutes of Summer – Calgary Family Photography

Summer. It always seems so short. The big build up as winter and then spring drag on and on. Then just like that it seems to be over. We did things this summer. I mean we always do things, but this summer we really did them. Like finding a swimming hole in the middle of Calgary and jumping off rocks doing things, bruised legs and all. This, to me, is what summer minutes, and memories are made of.  They fade all too quickly out of focus as fall and winter march on…I am glad I slowed it down just for a moment. If you want to to see more images from my summer,  I am now on Instagram too!



summer memories (14 of 1)









summer memories (15 of 1)



Hope you held onto to your summer just as tightly….


Wrapped up in heritage – Calgary Maternity Photography

I loved this whole session, and I will be sharing a lot more from it soon. This one I had to share.  Taken during one of our hazy and smokey days in Calgary this summer, it provided the perfect “moorish” mood in recognition of this little one’s Scottish heritage, all wrapped up in Dad’s sottish blanket. I am so honoured that they chose me as their maternity photographer and I really can’t wait to meet this special babe soon!

Jennifer Kapala Maternity Calgary Photography (1 of 1)


With gratitude,



Published in Mozi Magazine Child/Family Issue- Calgary Family Photographer

I was thrilled to be published yesterday in the Mozi Magazine’s Child and Family Issue as part of the 2014 NAPCP Photographer of the Year.  When I was contacted for the issue, I was incredibly happy that they asked me to write on the Power of Personal Projects, which as many of you know, are near and dear to my heart, and a way I believe you push yourself to get better.  The issue is full of great photography advice and beautiful imagery, and to celebrate my brand new site, I am giving away a copy just for you!  Enter by commenting on my instagram post here
and be sure to head over to like Mozi Magazine on Facebook!!  You can also get your own copy here.  Feel free to take a look around my new site too – would love to know what you think!












A new one to love – Calgary Baby Photography

I am always so thrilled when clients phone me up with exciting news about babies, and was so honoured to photograph little A’s big sister a few years ago. Time passes so quickly, and I cannot believe how big she got.  This little man has such a great big sister to help watch out for him!  Thanks for having me back, and I loved spending the time with you and your sweet family of four.  I will share more of this session and the maternity one soon. For now, one of my favourites, I just adore the look on mom’s face :).






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