Come Away With Me….

I always love sneaking mom and dad away for a few quiet moments, even in the most chaotic family sessions. Its so rare for couples to get their pictures taken together when kids come along, yet so important to remember why it all began.

A few of my favourite moments from a few quiet minutes…..



Stunning Senior Session

I photographed this beautiful senior to celebrate her last year of high school in the early summer. We spent some time photographing her in her gorgeous red gown, and then this super sweet casual outfit. The weather wasn’t co-operating (how unlike Calgary!), but we managed to make the most out of it!

I wanted to share a few of my favourites of this beautiful girl!!

Thank you so much for asking me to capture such an important milestone!!



Just a little peek…

I just love that super intense, ever curious and full of wonder newborn gaze….its one of my very favourite things to photograph.

Don’t you?



Muskoka Summer Glow

That warm summer glow of the evening and the lake so warm, so familiar and so special.  Sometimes you do get to go back to places that have special meaning in your life, places you weren’t ever sure you’d see again. And so it was this summer that we traveled back to Butterfly Lake, in Muskoka Ontario. A place I spent most of my summers as a child. A place I hadn’t been to in almost 30 years. Not much changed at that lake. It was still a magical place to spend some time and it felt like stepping back through decades as we sent down familiar roads with my parents.

I have so much to share from this trip, but for now, just one.


A few of my favourite things….


I love seeing how my little clients grow and loved that this family asked me back to photograph their time together at a lovely downtown park one morning this summer. Life through a toddler’s eyes is really quiet simple, run, explore, listen to know one and have fun…what happens to us?!??

I usually only show a few, but this one spoke to me and I cant decide on just a few, so here’s a whole bunch!


The last one was a special request from Mom: “She puts her feet on mine and we walk around together/ Pretty soon she won’t fit, and I want to remember it always.”


Personally, there is no better reason to take a picture than that. Thanks for having me.



Magical Graduation Session

I spent some time s few days ago with the incredibly talented Miss C who just graduated from high school and is on to great things in the fall. I loved the details of her dress and her quiet beauty inside and out. To me, capturing grad sessions is so important. Often as our kids gets older we forgot to capture these times just as much as we did their first steps, yet this time is about a different sort of first steps, isn’t it?

Here are a few of my favourites from the session…

Thanks so much for having me!




Cozy Mountain Maternity Session

I loved this sweet couple from the States who flew all the way up to the Rocky Mountains for a baby-moon. I wanted to share a few of my favourites from their session in Kananakis…more to come soon!


Sweet Family Session

“She does this really sweet game she made up on her own where she tries to kiss everyone when she’s on her Dad’s shoulders.”…..

And so she did.


I love seeing how much my little clients grow. Hard to believe she was so small just a year ago when I photographed this lovely family here.

I have so many more sessions to show – hope you are having an amazing summer!




Barrier Lake Family Session

Do you remember that contest where I gave away a family session? Well, this is THAT session. Earlier this summer I got to meet two of my longest standing clients in the gorgeous Kananaskis mountains at Barrier Lake for a session. I have photographed both of their children as babies, so it was a pretty incredible  honour for me to be able to capture them all together and celebrate their friendship with each other since high school.  They always feel like being around old friends  and those are the best kinds of sesssions!

Here is a little of our time together….

Be sure to watch out around Christmas when I will be doing another giveaway for another family :0)




First Birthday Celebration!

First birthdays are super exciting and something to be celebrated for sure!  I loved photographing this super sweet first year celebration in the studio a few months ago. Take a look at how happy she is to be one 🙂

That smile should brighten up this dreary Saturday for anyone!




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