When someday becomes today…Calgary newborn photography

The beginning of the new year in Calgary really was a little bit of a baby boom for my business. Tons go

Someday you will have your own hopes and dreams, not knowing that once upon a time I closed my eyes and dreamed to have you in my life.


This quotes really gets to the heart of how I feel about this session. And it happens to be on one of the cards mom received when this little one was born too. It perfect. It’s truth. It says more than I ever could about this session. Take a look at the maternity session here, and you can see how close of a family they really are.

I hope your little family is every dream come true for you. You so richly deserve this.

Here are a few of my favourites….







News to Share – Press Release

I am so thrilled to share with you some exciting news I  received not long ago!  If you follow me at all, you know that I am active in participating in the photography industry in a number of ways, one of which is through competitions.  I find that competitions are great ways to really hone your skills as a photographer and push yourself to try a little harder. I recently found out I placed an “Honourable Mention” in the International Color Awards . This competition is always really tough, if nothing else, simply because of  the sheer number of photographers who enter from all around the world – over 6,000 this year!  As a photographer, its so easy to get stuck in your own little continent, your own little piece of the world, and wrapped up by the trends and personalities that dominate it. And when you do, you can quickly forget there are incredible artists to be found everywhere.  I find when competitions attract wide and diverse groups of photographers, it becomes that much harder of a competition, and you end up finding and being inspired by some incredible artists you might not have connected with otherwise.

A little bit about this image. This was an image I shot as part of a 365 project I was completing. It’s a personal image, of my own children.  For me, it was a case of anticipation. Kids, baths, and bubbles. Yes magic and fun would be bound to happen. Yes I got lots of the “typical” shots with bubbles and a bath you might expect. What was interesting to me though, was what I captured below. Completely unexpected and unscripted, to me, it shows two very different reactions of brothers to “blowing bubbles” and it really captures the essence of who they are in one frame. Unscripted because life isn’t scripted :).There’s more I like about the image – the blue and green bottles as little pops of colour, the shark floating in the bathtub – but really, its what happened, the timing of the photograph and the honesty of it that really interests me.

What draw you into pictures? What makes you stop and think? What elements appeal to you in photographs or art?


Official Press Release.



LOS ANGELES March 8th, 2017 – Professional photographer Jennifer Kapala of Canada was presented with the 10th Annual International Color Awards Honourable Mention in the category of Children of the World at a prestigious Nomination & Winners Photoshow streamed Saturday, March 4, 2017.

The live online gala was attended by 9,575 photography fans around the globe who logged on to watch the climax of the industry’s most important event for color photography.

10th Annual Jury members included captains of the industry from Christie’s, New York; Contemporary Art Society, London; Sotheby’s, Paris; ING Collection, Netherlands; Y&R, Malaysia; Preus Museum, Norway; Art Beatus, Hong Kong; Ogilvy & Mather, Amsterdam; Whitechapel Gallery, London; and J. Walter Thompson, New York who honored Color Masters with 723 title awards in 33 categories.

“It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the 6,178 entries we received this year,” said Basil O’Brien, the awards Creative Director. “Jennifer’s “Different Interpretations of Blowing Bubbles,” an exceptional image entered in the Children of the World category, represents contemporary color photography at its finest, and we’re pleased to present her with the title of Honourable Mention.”

INTERNATIONAL COLOR AWARDS is the leading international award honoring excellence in color photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers worldwide and honors the finest images with the highest achievements in color photography. www.colorawards.com

I would love to hear from you.


Calgary Maternity Studio Session

Sometimes good things do come to those who wait.

When I was first contacted by Sue, I immediately felt like I was talking to an old friend. She had travelled and lived in some pretty exotic and tropical places, and pretty soon we got talking about underwater photography, which Sue pointed out, was totally weird for a photographer in Calgary to be drawn to. What can I say ;). As it turns out, this little one was very much longed for, and they wanted something very special to celebrate. So we worked together to plan the session, and really include elements that were important for them.  What I loved was how relaxed and together she and Gary are as a couple, and I really loved how he took care of every little thing for Sue . She deserves nothing less.

I thought I better share a few since they have had the sweetest little girl in January  – one of my first newborn sessions in the new year and I would love to blog those ones soon too!




Sometimes good things come to those who wait…this I know for sure now….




Celebrating Moms – Calgary Family Photography


You have been there for your kids all the way. From holding little hands as they take their  first wobbly steps,  wiping  tears away from falls off bikes, helping to pack up for school, or being the first person called when your baby brought their new one home.  It’s time to celebrate moms of all ages. One of my favourite connections to photograph is the bond between a mother and child, no matter what the age.  I am so thrilled to put together this event to really celebrate moms.

Creating a total experience for you, there will be mimosas, light snacks and some specials treats. I’ll help you pick the perfect wardrobe before hand and the session will  take place at my gorgeous new studio on Saturday, May 6th from 10-4 pm and are 20 minutes in length.  Packages start at $250 for 5 beautifully edited  files and an incredible 8X10 fine art print of your favourite picture from our time together. This is an event to celebrate you, your littles, your older ones,  mom, or even your baby on the way


Additional prints, package options and gift certificates available.

Let me help you celebrate you.


Contact info@jenniferkapalaphotography.com or 403-608-1875 for to reserve your session time. Spots are limited.

Which do you prefer? Calgary Newborn Photography

I got to spend my Saturday morning with THE sweetest little baby. Seriously. I can hardly pick which photos to process because she is SO stinkin’ cute. I got  chatting with mom and asked her which she preferred black and white or colour. Now usually I ask because I like to know which a client prefers out of curiosity, but her husband is a photographer. Actually an amazing one. Really check out , Jeremy Calow Photography . See what I mean?

Anyways, I wanted to see if there was a difference between what they preferred, and yup, there is. She likes colour, he prefers black and white. SO, I thought it would be fun to show the same image and see what you think!

Black and white or colour?  Tell me which one draws you in.   It will be interesting to see with this one which mom and dad prefer 🙂

Black and white…

Or colour?


Which do you prefer? I’d love to hear from you!


So far…Calgary Family Studio Photographer

So far, these pictures are a few of my favourites from a recent Calgary family session in the studio.  Mom waited a long time for these pictures, and I can only hope she loves them as much as I do.

If you are in the Victoria area, or know someone who is, and looking for a session, I will be traveling there in April and would love to chat with you about an exchange!  Please contact me at info@jenniferkapalaphotography.com!!

Whats a post without pictures?


More to come soon….




Generations – Calgary Family Photographer

I love it when clients ask when booking a newborn session, “Is it ok if I bring my mom too?” There is nothing in this world more closer to my heart work than to be able to capture precious generations of old and new together, especially when they are long awaited and longed for as these little ones. More to come soon, but for now, one of my favs……




A little chaos in your soul – Calgary Underwater Maternity

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star

         Friedrich Nietzsche

As an artist, everything I do is centred around the belief of challenging the status quo and rethinking what is possible. Underwater maternity sessions are like a mystical dance where light plays with movement, bubbles and the unexpected. It’s a place where the chaos of creation meets universal magic and anything is possible.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my third, and last baby, I knew I wanted to have a special maternity photo shoot to celebrate. I wanted something that could bring out the beauty of the pregnant body, and feel timeless but also modern. I love the uniqueness of underwater water photography…The session itself felt physically as well as emotionally refreshing…

 Crystal Mercredi

What brings a little chaos to your soul?

Its time to re-think maternity sessions and explore whats possible.  If you are interested in co-creating with me, and scheduling an underwater maternity photography session, I would love to hear from you. I am based in Calgary  and available for world wide travel.



Interested in learning how to photograph families and maternity sessions underwater?  Check out Underwater Kids!

Exist – Personal Projects

If you follow me at all, you know I am HUGE believer in personal projects. If you want just one way to grow and develop as a technician, artist and human being, embark on one. Some of the biggest growth and development for me has come as a result of  my 365 projects and I cherish everyone of them. But here is the sad truth, despite the number of pictures I take of my family a year, I am rarely IN them. Its like I don’t exist. Seriously. Consider,  just for a moment, you look back on your childhood pictures, and no where in sight are your parents. EVER. They were ALWAYS behind the camera, because their hair was too messy, they needed to loose weight, they wore the wrong pants that day, they looked too old or their hair needed to be dyed. If you could turn back time, what would you tell them? How do you feel?

I know what I would say. I would say, “I want to see what you liked, what moved you, what you dressed like and what you loved. I want to see how your face lit up when you hugged me, how you pushed the swing for me, chased me through waves, carried me up so high, or just held my hand.” I would want to be taken back to that time when it was just us, or see who you were before us.  Where I felt safe and all was right with my world.Imagine you could give that gift to your kids. Its a gift you can give your kids, and I would say its way more meaningful than anything they got for Christmas this year.

So this year, I decided that I would undertake a Project 52 called “Get in the Frame”.  52 weeks, 52 frames and 52 pictures to prove that I exist. And show my kids a little of who I am. Its’ only three weeks in, and I am posting what I have already. Why? Because its not too late to start. Start now. With what you have and with where you are. All that matters is that you start.

Exist. Because you matter.



You’ve Got This – Tips to Execute Big Goals

Whew! It’s the end of January, and you’ve done your homework, gotten over yourself, and set some incredibly inspiring goals that you are super excited to work on, and then WHAM. That niggly little voice in the back of your head starts taking over and telling you how its impossible to succeed, or the kids get sick, or clients start to ask where their pictures are, and then there’s the appointments, the call backs, the ordering products, never mind even eating a decent meal (where have all the veggies gone?!) and doing that mountain of laundry on the floor you’ve been walking over all week.

The routine takes over. And like anything, when you are starting a new habit, its really, really hard (and overwhelming) to know where to begin. You may be clear on WHY you are doing what you are doing, but all of those overwhelming details of life can sometimes suck us down and stop you from achieving your goals. The devil is after all, in the details.

I get it. It’s my reality too. As an entrepreneur and a mom, it’s so easy to get swept up in the routine,not only with all that “has” to get done, but, if we are honest with ourselves, it’s also where our comfort zone is. It’s often where we get validation from. Our people “need” us. And those big scary goals? Well, they aren’t in that zone at all.

The hard truth? If you want to move past where you are now, and accomplish your goals, you are going to have to start to pull back, look at your life differently, and then do things differently. There is an old saying, I am sure you’ve heard before about the definition of insanity….no? It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

There I said it. Its honest. It may not be what you wanted to hear, but there is no magic fairy dust. Just you. And just you doing the work. There are some tips though that can help you.

You may have even thought of them yourself, you’ve given this so much thought. Just in case though, here are some ones I have found to be most helpful…

1.Stay Committed

Reaching goals require commitment and dedication. There’s no other way around it. I love the saying “Goals don’t work unless you do”. It’s true. When you have a goal, write it down. Committing to it even at that level starts the process, and what gets recorded has a higher degree of getting done. And then post those goals somewhere you can see them. It’s your line of sight. When you make decisions or take actions, look at that goal and ask yourself “will this bring me further away or closer to this goal?” And then be honest. The only person you’re cheating is yourself here.

2. Chunk it Out

I think it’s awesome to have incredibly huge, OH MY GOD I CAN’T POSSIBLY DO THIS goals. I call mine WIGS (Wildly Impossible Goals) and I set a few each year. Sometimes they seem impossible, but if you pull back and look at your goal as a journey, there are usually smaller goals you set, like baby steps, which get you there and move you to the direction of your big goals.

3. Enlist Supporters

Whether you have someone who holds you accountable, or people who have skills that will help you reach your goals, or even, god forbid, people you can simply delegate things to, take a moment and think of all the incredibly wonderful people you know. Here’s a little secret, people love helping at their core. They are usually thrilled you asked THEM out of everyone you know. So, who can you draw on from your supporters to make your goals come true? Everyone needs cheerleaders – who are yours?

4. Course Correct and Check In

Nothing in life goes to plan. You know that. In fact you may experience it every time you try to leave your house with the kids. Someone always has to go pee just as you get the car packed. So it goes with your goals. Just because things don’t go exactly as planned, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to failure, it simply means life happens. It’s what you do with those moments that matter, so dust yourself off, check–in and course correct!

5. Let It Go

Seriously, I could write an entire article, or maybe even a novel about this incredibly scary word – its called DELEGATION. You have a goal. You are doing new and different things. Ask yourself what can you let go of? It’s about focusing on what will bring you closer to what you want, and unless you have found a way to warp time, you only have 24 hours in a day, so, what are you prepared to give up or delegate? I gave up dinners and laundry and you know what? I have three boys who help out now and are learning how to cook.  And despite the protests, no one died when they had to do their laundry either. I use this time to accomplish my goals and we are all better for it.

6.  Grow

Life is all about change. You are not going to be the same person as you were when you started this process, and that’s not only ok, that’s pretty damn exciting. So, be prepared when you have your check ins, to ask yourself if your goals still matter, or do they need a little tuning up? Make them matter and don’t be afraid to let them change and grow, just like you will.

7.   Its Hard to Live a Positive Life with a Negative Mind.

Like attracts like and you always have a choice in how you handle things when crappy things happen, or even if they don’t happen. Mindset is key to getting to those big scary goals. Even when you might feel like taking all your toys out of the sandbox, step back and think what you can take from this and how you can reframe it. A positive mind allows for possibilities to be seen. A negative one ignores the silver platter right in front of you.

8. Celebrate Your Success

This is my favourite one, and it’s so often what we forget to do. When you hit a milestone, never mind your HUGE goal, look back. You will discover how far you’ve come. And it’s a long way. So crack open that champagne, take a bubble bath or go for a walk and celebrate!!!! You did it!!

Pause just for a moment and think of the goals you have set in the past that you have been successful in achieving. How did you reach them before? What did you do? Success breeds more success and you’ve done this before. Seriously you have. Whether its riding a bike, driving a car, or registering your business….all those are skills you learned. You did it before. You can do it again.

You’ve got this…..



I would love to hear what your favourite ones are!!!

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