Surrounded by memories

Often a picture, or a moment, stays with me long after a session.  For me, in this session full of moments, this one in particular mean a ton to me. Sometimes, I am reminded the why I do what I do, and this moment of a new little one with his mom, surrounded by memories and fleeting moments of time, was one that really stuck with me.

Hold on to those moments, celebrate them and hug the ones you love extra tight. It’s mighty cold out there lately ūüėČ



Personal Project – Exist

Last year, around this time, I wrote this blog post letting the world know, or at least my mom and dad who I am sure are the only regular readers here, that I was committing to doing a personal photography project where I took a picture a week. Specifically, a picture of myself a week. ¬†It was a project 52 called ‚ÄúGet in the Frame‚ÄĚ. ¬†52 weeks, 52 frames and 52 pictures to prove that I exist, and not just behind the lens.

At first my reason, like many parents reasons, was to do it for the kids. To show them, really show them how I held them, how I snuggled them, how I loved them and the things we did. About halfway through, things changed for me with this project.  It became about really redefining me. What I wanted, who I was, what my hopes and dreams were. It was a powerful reawakening of many things I had buried under the daily M-F grind of life, where it is all too easy to become focused on making a living, and not a life. I wrote about some of my early thoughts about it here.

In the end, compiling some of my favs, I am incredibly proud and thankful I did this project. It was a challenge, like anything worth doing, to really follow through when giving up is so easy. But as I looked back on some of the ones below, I love the moments I captured because I see me. The mom, the wife, the worker, the photographer, and most of all just me. The real one. ¬†Free from all the labels, the name and the notions of who I “should” be.

It’s nice to find her again.

New Baby – New Year

Happy New Years!!!

I wanted to share a few of my favs from a recent session I did between Christmas and New Years. I spent the last few days of an old year photographing new beginnings.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Years! If you haven’t had a chance to enter my Celebrate 2018 yet, but sure to do so here. I would love to see you and your family in 2018!




Priceless Memories

These two. They are so alike.

I love capturing family members, especially year over year.  One of my favourite things about having a studio is the ease in which I can capture a few portraits of my own family.  Every year I get some of my parents and kids together, and every year, I treasure them more and more as their bonds grow deeper.

Like the one between my mom and my middle boy. Many years from now, I hope he has these pictures to look back on, because really, these fleeting moments are so priceless.


Tomorrow, I am releasing a special giveaway. Just for you. To create your own priceless memories.

Merry Christmas,


Capturing Christmas – A few tips

Christmas is a magical time Рall the lights, decorations, and kids expressions are really something wonderful.  It is my favourite time of the year! I wanted to share a few of my favourite tips on getting those picture perfect Christmas tree photos with your kiddos!

  1. Use your tripod if you have one. If you don’t own one, ¬†prop your camera on books, counters, furniture – whatever works!
  2. Use a wider aperture and a slower shutter speed. Of course that means that your kids have to stay still, so make it fun and play a game like Simon Says or freeze.  For these photos, most were shot at 3200 ISO, an aperture of 3.5 to 2.8 and at 1/15th of a second.
  3. Turn off all the lights around the house and use the Christmas lights to help light your subject (it helps if you have LOTS of lights on the tree, which I didn’t this year). ¬†In the one below, I wanted to capture my son putting the new decoration he just made on the tree, so I had him reach near the light to place it. You can see all the light reflected on his face. He also chose his hat and wanted to bring his favourite stuffy from Santa last year – it helps to get the kids involved!

4. Play with the light sources you have at hand РI used a snow globe to get the light cast back on his face in the picture below. Fairy lights are also another great light source to use and are available everywhere. 

5. Play with silhouettes. ¬†Sometimes less is more – you don’t need to see much of his face to get the sense of a quiet moment he is sharing with our dog. place your children in front of the tree, standing or sitting and try to capture some silhouettes too!

Hope that helps capture some of your favourite moments this year under the tree. I would love to see yours, so make sure to share!



Learning to see the light underwater

I promised a while ago to write an article about underwater photography, and I have been so swamped I haven’t been able to! ¬†BUT I thought I would start by sharing at least one before and after, so you can see what shooting in a lake can be like. I chose this shot because it gives you the sense of what the conditions in the lake are like. Literally pockets of light in very murky water that you have to learn to see. Personally, thats what draws me to keep shooting in the lake despite the challenges.

I will show you what I mean



This was taken very late at night, the light was fairy flat, except for the neat pockets of really pretty light just barely penetrating the water. ¬†I knew when I shot it it would just be about the light, and there would be a lot of shadow fall off. In my processing, I wasn’t so concerned about anything else but about the way the light highlighted his skin and hair, the bubbles (always a favourite element of mine) and the reflections.

In terms of gear, I was shooting with a wider angled lens, the 17-40mm 4L Canon. It ¬†isn’t my favourite to shoot with, but it allows you to get closer to your subject and still get a sense of space, which I like. I waited until I saw the triangle shape made my the bubbles and the spotlight effect on him and exposed more for the light as I do like to add visual interest and structure into underwater photos.

If you have any questions at all – ask away! I am working on a more comprehensive post about underwater photography.




He still believes…

My youngest still believes in the magic of Christmas. He gets excited for the lights, the decorations, the sparkles and the biggest elf of all….Santa. This is probably the last Christmas he will believe. ¬†The other night he came up to me and told me, some of his friends didn’t believe, but he still did. Mostly because there was “no way you’d give me all those toys Mom!”

I think this is the last Christmas where one of my kids will believe. ¬†And it always felt like I would have more time, but they went by too quickly. If you look below, I think you can still see that little spark of magic and twinkle in his eye….

Treasure every little bit of time you have when they are small. I plan on making the most out of this Christmas.



Sweet maternity session

I am sorry. I just cant stop smiling I am so happy

Oh my heart. whoever would fault you for smiling when you think of your new little babe….

A few simple frames that spoke to me about the connection and excitement of a new baby joining a growing family.

Cant wait to share more….and cant wait to see how much you smile when you meet your new little one!



Just one kiss…..

I have been MIA lately – swamped with tons of sessions and all the crazy that fall brings!

I wanted to share this little sweet moment from a family session – it really was a tender moment and spoke to me.

What are your favourite moments?



Just few moments

I just love, love, love extended family sessions. ¬†I love capturing the big, “all together” family moments, especially with the grandparents and grandkids – those always tugs on my heartstrings for sure.

I think though what I am really drawn to, are those sweet moments that happen when you sneak away with a little portion of the family for a few quiet minutes and capture some just for them….

Including a few for just mom and dad….

Just a few moments. sometimes thats all you need.




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