Cozy Fall Calgary Maternity

I love shooting maternity and have been very fortunate this year to be contacted by a number of moms who were looking for something special to celebrate their last babies, their first babies, their babies which were the result of loss, of heartbreak and of love.  This momma wanted to celebrate her last baby with something that made her feel glamorous and special. And so we planned and spent some time on a cozy fall Calgary afternoon.

Here are a few of my favs.




mat3 (2 of 1)

mat3 (1 of 1)




I cannot wait to meet your little one in the New Year.



Rethink What’s Possible – Unique Calgary Sessions

B L A C K F R I D A Y S A L E \\ 20% off Select Sessions.

Every year I pick a phrase that I try to live my life by for that year. This year I am ahead of the game and already have 2017 lined up. It’s “Rethink What’s Possible” and I would love to share what’s possible with you. A limited number of  select sessions are available at 20% off only for today.  From custom sessions in the studio that will get you rethinking what’s possible for your session, to unique milk bath sessions, or coaching sessions  customized to help YOU have your best 2017.

We all have seen those gorgeous maternity milk bath sessions, but why limit yourself to just that? From nursing sessions, to kid’s sessions (who hasn’t wanted to swim in a tub of Fruit Loops?), to personal portraits, anything is possible! And Sears be gone from studio sessions! They are dynamic, fun and interactive – just like your family!  Finally, if you are looking for help to rethink what’s possible for you in 2017, I am offering coaching sessions to help you get there. When you “rethink what’s possible” the sky really is the limit!

The details – Limited number of select sessions at 20% off for 2017 (only 5 available because this year was my fifth year in business!). For full pricing information, contact me at or 403-608-1875

Discount available from now to until today at 11:59 pm MT





When you rethink – what’s possible for you in 2017?


You Are Invited To A Rustic Christmas!

After a number of enquiries, I am thrilled to be able to offer my first ever Christmas event!!! The holiday season is by far my favourite time of the year and truly magical. Sessions are limited in number and are 20 minutes in length and come with 5 full resolution files for immediate download. I hope you celebrate it with us! Call 403-608-1875 or to book



Ever wondered what a studio session looks like?

I have long waited for the right time and the right partners to do a video for Jennifer Kapala Photography that really captures what inspires me in family sessions and what I see of your life and love for each other. Studio sessions can be the perfect place to capture your special memories and I really worked hard to create a space that is relaxing and welcoming. Many thanks to the amazing team at Parfait Productions – Wedding Cinematography . If you are looking for videographers, I highly recommend them!

Here is the final product – I would love to know what you think of it!




Underwater Maternity – Sneak Peek!

I was so honoured to be asked to help celebrate the talented Crystal Mercredi from Delightful Perception Photography last pregnancy with an underwater session!  Here is a little sneak peek from yesterday morning…

Jennifer Kapala Maternity

I just love underwater sessions and we can still do them through the winter here in Calgary!  Contact me for more details.


Studio Tour – Calgary Studio Photography

Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood

Daniel Burnham

Just over a week ago, I held our studio grand opening, and it was successful beyond my wildest dreams.  If you follow me at all, you know that I often speak of being intentional in all that you do, whether its a lens choice, interactions with clients, all of it matters and all of your small steps add up to a bigger picture if you are intentional and set inspirational goals. The kind of goals that give you goosebumps. And the kind of laser focus intention that removes internal barriers and self doubt. For me, the opening of my studio is just that, a big audacious goal that I pursued with intention for a long time.  All in, including the building of our home, where my studio resides, it was a four year process. I sat and planned and dreamed of the ideal house, in the best location, and it happened. When we moved in, I didn’t rush the process, but I played with ideas and concepts, watched the light in the basement play out day in and day out over two seasons. And I never stopped planning, imaging and working towards my goal. I still have that ratty piece of paper hanging up on my cork board where I wrote down my goals for that year, and right under “Be on a Billboard in New York Times Square” , and “Teach a photography course internationally” was “Build an incredibly successful in home photography studio”.  All of it was intentional. And all of it happened.  I am thrilled to share with you all the little bits and thoughts and plans that went into making my studio a reality. From concept to execution. From dreams to reality. With a lot of intention, inspirational goals and a ton of hard work, anything can happen….

Studio Tour from Jennifer Kapala on Vimeo.

Want to learn more about my process for setting inspirational goals?  Join me at the NAPCP Retreat in January where we will be conducting an exercise in setting powerful goals, or if you are interested in a more exclusive coaching session, read how coaching can help you here, and contact me at 403-608-1875 to book a session.

And now to continue to work on the “incredibly successful” part of that goal ;).

With gratitude,


Calgary Opening Photography Studio Celebrations!

Well, its less than a week until the studio opening and I couldn’t be more excited!! We have a ton of things to check out, from live music from a local band, a chance to see some of the speciality services I will be offering, displays with several product lines we have, crafts for the kids, never mind the giveaways and great food and drinks!

This studio truly has a been a labour of love and wouldn’t have been possible without a few key partners.  I really want to highlight not only our amazing contractor Justin Mendes at Greenstone Construction Management, who helped make my vision a reality, no matter what the challenge,  but also the wonderful Condredge Dole (a fellow Mahogany resident) and the owner of Redemption Handiworks, a woodworker and metal artist who made my signs. In fact, check out the video below for a little bit of what you can expect at the grand opening!

We would love to see you!  Pictures are so important to me, that I thought I would do something different than the usual guestbook to celebrate the opening of my studio…

Fill The Frame from Jennifer Kapala on Vimeo.

Wont you help us fill the frame with your picture?  There is still time to RVSP at


See you Saturday!



How to Light Your Spark and Get Unstuck – Coaching For Creatives

When I first started out thinking of trying to build my business, I often found myself stuck. Stuck by both real and perceived limitations, self doubt, time, resources, etc.  I am sure this is all too familiar territory for any entrepreneur and creative. We are our business and our business is our way of being. It’s hard when you are both the janitor and the CEO to pull back and intentionally select and achieve goals. Ultimately, to be successful, we have to create the space and time to do so.  As I expanded my business, I looked for information and resources that would help me get clear on any thinking and help me set inspiring goals instead of the never-ending long to-do lists we face everyday. When I took a course in coaching, I knew I was on to something that really worked.

Light Your Spark – Coaching for Creatives

Why should you invest in a coach? In a world full of easy access to the same information and in an industry which is has many different perspectives and advice to offer, it’s a challenge to get clear of on what works for you and your business. In the end,  the only true competitive advantage which you have, is you. Wouldn’t it be great to get some clarity about what works for you and your business?

Five easy ways coaching can help you and your business.

  1. Get clear about your goals, determine your priorities and help to stay focused on them.
  2. Provide an objective perspective, bring an awareness to your blindspots and help you develop a plan to address them that works for you.
  3. Be accountable, keep you focused and on track, and help you course correct when you need to.
  4. Focus on areas that will benefit your business most.  As a business owner its easy to get overwhelmed with the volume of competing demands. Coaching can help you focus on which areas will benefit you the most.
  5. Help you bring out the most in your biggest competitive advantage – you.  

So,  what does a coaching session look like?

We will schedule a time to either talk on the phone, in person or online through Skype. Before we “meet” you will receive a set of questions that help me to understand you and the areas you are looking to focus on better. We will spend about an hour or two co-creating some inspirational goals and the practical actions you can take to achieve them.  If you loved our time together we can schedule another appointment either weekly, monthly or when you need a little extra help. It’s whatever works for you.

It really is that simple.

But don’t take it just from me, here is a little bit of what others are saying…

When I started working with Jennifer, I felt so disorganized in my business goals. As the owner of a small business, I have many hats– accountant, SEO expert, Social Media manager and photographer, among others. I was feeling very overwhelmed and underproductive. Jennifer worked with me to determine specific goals for my photography business. Jennifer helped me to narrow down broad, overreaching goals into very specific steps to attain that broad goal.
Through our meetings, she guided me to devise a plan to reach the goals, thus, holding me accountable. Each plan was broken into little steps, which made it very much attainable.

Jennifer is not only a talented photographer, but gifted in her interactions with people. There is simply so much advice for small business owners online. Jennifer’s personalized approach worked well for me as she got to know me and my business. Her talent in relating with clients and helping them succeed is invaluable!

Molly Garg, Molly Garg Photography

Are you ready? I wold love to hear from you

Blog image


Let’s set some goals!




Fruit Loopy – Calgary Milk Bath Sessions

Just because I am choosing some art for my new studio and was going through my portfolio, I forgot I never shared some of my favourites from this fun session I did with my son in the spring!  I am having a hard time deciding between underwater art, some milk bath sessions or my “pug bath” series?  What would you choose?

I really love the fun and colour of these….which one is your favourite?

Jennifer Kapala Milk Bath (2 of 1)





Grand opening is getting closer – Saturday October 22nd!  We can’t wait and will be posting details soon – hope you join us!!



A Mother’s Bond – Nursing Milk Bath Sessions

There something that is so special about a mother and child’s bond. They are some of my favourite connections to capture as a photographer, especially moments which are so fleeting. Like the time a momma spends nursing her babe.  I was so blessed over the summer to have my partner in crime, Barb Toyama from Endless Summer Photography , visit me with her sweet daughter.  From the way she still fit into mom’s hands, to how her little feet kick while nursing and then the way she reaches to touch her mom’s face gently, they are all to me, the “why” of family photography. We made these images together to make time pause for a moment, and I would love to make more for momma’s who are wanting to capture those fleeting moments too.

Here are a few of my favourites….






Babr blog (1 of 1)

With the opening of my studio soon (if you aren’t on my newsletter get on it here for a special invite!) I am looking forward to being able to offer more of these types of sessions. Connect with me for more details!



Colour or black and white – which do you prefer?

I’m moderating at UnderwaterKids today, where I asked an important question – black and white or colour? Which do you prefer and why? I will feature the chosen photo on our Instagram account with a few tips on how I got the final edit :)! Help me out and vote for your favourite!

Is it the drama and simplicity of black and white?

this lovely maternity (1 of 1)

Or the lovely palette of colour?

mom (1 of 1)

Which draws you in more? I want to know so leave a comment, or follow along on Underwater Kids on Instagram!



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