One Becomes – Calgary Winter Maternity Session

I completed this session on a freezing winter’s eve for a good friend of mine just days before she welcomed her little one into her arms.  Hard to believe all that has happened since then, and how much her little daughter has grown.  When I look back at the pictures we made that night, and was deciding on what would make sense to post, these three simple photos really stood out to me as moments, really the last few as a couple, before two became three and their lives changed forever.  Having a child, especially one as longed for as their little one, really is momentous and time pass so quickly.  It’s amazing how one becomes two, becomes three…

Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same.

                                                                                                                                                          Flavia Weedn





Much love,



All It Takes Is A Little Spark – Help Me Giveaway The Month of May!

light a spark-1

I can hardly believe it!  This year, I am celebrating my fifth year in business!!  It seems like just a little while ago I nervously clicked “publish” on my first of many blog posts, and I can hardly believe all that has happened in that short time!

And I have YOU to thank for it!  If it wasn’t for my clients, my friends and my family, this little dream of mine would have remained that. Just a dream.

So as a small “thank YOU“, I am inviting you to help me “Giveaway the Month of May”!  From now until May 22, as a celebration of five years in business, I am giving away a family session and would love your help!

I’d LOVE to help, how do I do it??

It’s super easy. Light a spark for someone else. 

  1. Share, tag, comment or simply email me the name of someone else you know who would love to win a session with Jennifer Kapala Photography along with five reasons why they deserve to win!
  2. Because you are kind of awesome and generous, YOU will be entered to win a session fee free ($200 value)!

I can’t thank you all enough for the past five years.

With gratitude,


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Light A Spark – Help Me Giveaway the Month of May!

Light Your Spark – Coaching for Creatives

Ever feel as a creative that you have an abundance of ideas, but sparking them into action is the hard part? Light your spark, ignite your ideas and take action through coaching!

light a spark-1

Why Hire A Coach?

In a world full of easy access to the same information and in an industry which has many different perspectives and advice to offer, it’s a challenge to get clear of on what works for you and your business. In the end, the only true competitive advantage which you have, is you. Wouldn’t it be great to get some clarity about what works for you and your business?

But I have taken a lot of classes and have been “coached” by people before.  How is this different?

Where you once a kid?  Did your parents ever tell you, “clean your room now!” How did it make you feel?  More importantly, did you do it willingly?

You may have even had a reaction of some sort, after reading that. Makes total sense. You were told what to do. That in a nutshell is mentoring, and what a lot of classes offer.  While it can be extremely valuable to connect with someone who knows a lot more about a subject then you do, mentoring doesn’t always “stick”, especially when used to set goals, because you were told what to do.

Coaching is designed to help facilitate your own thinking, and solutions, and most importantly, your own ideas.  See ideas are like kids, you tend to like your own better.  And when you have your own ideas, you have skin in the game.

And what we know about your success when you have skin in the game?

You are way more committed and likely to follow through on the goals you have set.  Its that simple.

How do I know it works?  

About three years ago, using the same methods I use in my coaching sessions, I set a bright and shiny, wildly impossible, goal.


And using the same methods, shifting my thinking from the impossible to the possible, I achieved this…

NAPCP Announces Photographer of the Year with Pelham's Comfort Maple

NAPCP Announces Photographer of the Year in New York Times Square

Interested to hear what others have to say about the coaching they have received?

Interested in finding out more and possibly winning a session to try it out yourself? Join me to help “Giveaway for the Month of May”. Now that you know what you know, leave me a note on  five things you’d like some coaching on!

Light your spark and ignite your ideas.  Anything is possible when you do.



p.s.   Winners will be selected May 22nd!!!!

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Light Your Spark – Help Me Giveaway The Month Of May!

The Mountains Are Calling….

The mountains are calling….

You wake up every morning and glance at the majestic mountain range to the west as you drive to work. You’ve seen the pictures and post cards that promote their beauty and magnificence. You hear the wild call of the mountains and say to yourself, “one day, one day, we will make time and go”.  Make one day today.  Experience and capture the beauty of the Rockies forever with a mountain session your family will never forget.

Whether you are traveling to visit the Rockies, or live in the Foothills, these limited sessions in the Banff and Kootenay areas offer a wonderful way to capture your family session in one of the most spectacular parts of the world.

The mountains are calling….will today be the day you answer?

Contact me for more information on these exclusive mountain packages!



A little before and after

I very rarely post before and afters, mostly because its my belief that post processing isn’t the answer and there is a lot that goes into making an image appealing that no amount of “fixing” it in Photoshop will cover.  Getting it right in camera is far more important that spending hours in front of a computer.  That being said,  I wanted to share the series of pictures that I took last night of my son playing his violin with you, to illustrate how I use Photoshop and Lightroom  to put the final touches on my vision.

The first photo is straight out of the camera (SOOC), with no editing. Because I photograph in RAW files, my SOOC are flat and unappealing, but you can see that really, not much was changed on the picture, but the editing. Compositionally, I pretty much nailed it right away (this was the third picture I took), and I waited until my subject had the movement in the shot I was looking for – feet placed a certain way, bow up so it caught the light and echoed the lines of the fence, the head of the violin not breaking the line of the fence, leading lines to my subject, subject placed perfectly using rule of the thirds, etc.  The only small change I made was the decision to crop it using the golden ratio right where the bow hit the strings to strengthen the viewers eye and my subjects gaze to the same spot.

Let’s take a look.


Yup, see what I mean. Flat and gross. But what did I see in this location that I knew would contribute to the final picture in my head?  Tones play a lot in my work, and I love to play with the tonal harmony.  I stopped by the road here because I knew the red tones of his hair, his red shoes, and the red bushes in the field, as well as the mahogany in the tree line and the violin would be something that would all help to create the tonal harmony.  Truth be told, his shoes were a little too red for me, but they went well with the ripped jeans which gives the subject a little edge.  Another big factor for me was the light. It was dusk and the sun was low, but I saw from the way the light hit the fence and wrapped around it that it would be really quite lovely to work with and wrap around my subject the same way.

I'm back!!!! RAW


Edited in Lightroom.

I always do global edits in Lightroom and make the most changes there.  Right away, with only a lens correction, white balance, tonal curve, lifting the shadows, and slight changes to the HSL sliders, you can see a big difference. All the tones I saw in my final vision (and in reality that were there) are brought to life in a few seconds of work.

Light room


Final Image

For my finishing touches, I always pull my images into Photoshop where I take off small “flaws” (like all the dog hair I found on his coat!), stray hair fix, a few curves and levels adjustments, skin tone check, a little softening of the tree line in the background, and I took out the body of water  barely visible to the left of him because I found it distracting.


There you have it.  Most of this wouldn’t have worked if I hadn’t looked for and used elements in the environment or known what to look for in lighting or composition.  Editing simply brought out what was already there, and really didn’t take long at all.

Happy Monday!




A Sweet Spring – At Home Calgary Newborn Session

I have been blessed by an abundance of newborn sessions to kick off my year right.  I photographed this sweet family as my first session of the new year here and I couldn’t have been more honoured that they asked me back to photograph their new little one.

Between lots of baby snuggles and playing with an active toddler, I loved the soft and sweet feel to this newborn session at home, especially when I got to use elements like great grandma’s antique mirror as well!  I think that’s one of my favourite things about using client’s homes for sessions – you really get to incorporate elements that mean something to them and tell the story of their family, and their history.

And my absolute favourite part of newborn sessions?  Baby feet. I love photographing baby feet.

Thanks for having me.















Hug your family for me,




Sweet winter in-home newborn session – Welcome to the world little one

“Babies are like little suns that, in a magical way, bring warmth, happiness and light into our lives.”

Kartini Diapari-Oengider

I have been blessed this year with a number of newborn sessions and they among my favourite kind.  I was lucky enough to meet little Quinn earlier this winter and spend the morning in a in-home session with her and her family. She slept almost the entire time and was such a joy to work with. I think I managed to catch the only time her little eye peeped open briefly for a bit before she drifted off again :)

Sigh…baby sessions really are the best.  Little girl. Big World.  It was lovely to meet you little Quinn. Welcome to the world…














It’s all in the moments -A few moments in Hawaii

These pictures are old. Almost two years ago we went to Hawaii and I realized how few of them I showed. And while going through all my vacation photos might be boring unless we are really good friends and you care, I did want to show a few that mattered to me the most, and brings me back emotionally to that place and time like it was yesterday.

To me, these next few moments really explain the relationship my two older sons have and how our oldest, who just turned 16 last week, helped his younger brother, and in turn, helped me as I tried to get a shot. The shot never did turn out as awesome as it was in my head, but the moments I got between them, candid and unexpected, those ones are still my favourites.

Jennifer Kapala 1

Jennifer Kapala 1-2

Jennifer Kapala 1-3

Jennifer Kapala 1-4

Jennifer Kapala 1-5

It’s made me realize how little I am sharing. Of my knowledge, of my thoughts or of my ideas and how much I have to share.  I am going to work on changing that. Watch out for a newsletter update if you have sign up for my newsletter, and get signed up if you haven’t!

I am leaving soon for Hawaii and I cannot wait to share our experiences there.  You may want to follow me on Periscope for this one @jenniferkapalaphoto.



Bebo Grove Beautiful Afternoon Winter Maternity Session

Since I just finished up photographing their newborn session, I wanted to share Katherine’s and Casey’s amazing afternoon winter session at Bebo Grove. I love when clients are willing to explore places and knew from talking to them, that they both loved the outdoors. Although the timing wasn’t great for the mountains, I wanted to choose a place the represented the beauty that only Calgary has to offer and a little reprieve in the middle of the busy city that feels as special as their little one does. In case you are wondering, this is the same couple who won my end of the year give away and I cannot wait to see the final display they put together with the maternity and newborn sessions!

A few of my favourite games from our time together – thanks for trusting my vision and for allowing me to capture such an incredible time in your lives. I cant wait to share some more of little Quinn :).






Jennifer Kapala Maternity



With gratitude,



Sweet In-Home Calgary Winter Maternity Session

I thought I would start my new year off right by posting my first session of the year!  I spent a few hours with the sweetest little family soon to become a family of four and I cannot wait to meet the newest little one :).  Thank you for having me. I am so blessed to be able to do what I do.

A few from our time together…









maternity four-1







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