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Ever feel as a creative that you have an abundance of ideas, but sparking them into action is the hard part? Light your spark, ignite your ideas and take action through coaching!

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Why Hire A Coach?

In a world full of easy access to the same information and in an industry which has many different perspectives and advice to offer, it’s a challenge to get clear of on what works for you and your business. In the end, the only true competitive advantage which you have, is you. Wouldn’t it be great to get some clarity about what works for you and your business?

But I have taken a lot of classes and have been “coached” by people before.  How is this different?

Where you once a kid?  Did your parents ever tell you, “clean your room now!” How did it make you feel?  More importantly, did you do it willingly?

You may have even had a reaction of some sort, after reading that. Makes total sense. You were told what to do. That in a nutshell is mentoring, and what a lot of classes offer.  While it can be extremely valuable to connect with someone who knows a lot more about a subject then you do, mentoring doesn’t always “stick”, especially when used to set goals, because you were told what to do.

Coaching is designed to help facilitate your own thinking, and solutions, and most importantly, your own ideas.  See ideas are like kids, you tend to like your own better.  And when you have your own ideas, you have skin in the game.

And what we know about your success when you have skin in the game?

You are way more committed and likely to follow through on the goals you have set.  Its that simple.

How do I know it works?  

About three years ago, using the same methods I use in my coaching sessions, I set a bright and shiny, wildly impossible, goal.


And using the same methods, shifting my thinking from the impossible to the possible, I achieved this…

NAPCP Announces Photographer of the Year with Pelham's Comfort Maple

NAPCP Announces Photographer of the Year in New York Times Square

Interested to hear what others have to say about the coaching they have received?

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Light your spark and ignite your ideas.  Anything is possible when you do.



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