It’s all in the moments -A few moments in Hawaii

These pictures are old. Almost two years ago we went to Hawaii and I realized how few of them I showed. And while going through all my vacation photos might be boring unless we are really good friends and you care, I did want to show a few that mattered to me the most, and brings me back emotionally to that place and time like it was yesterday.

To me, these next few moments really explain the relationship my two older sons have and how our oldest, who just turned 16 last week, helped his younger brother, and in turn, helped me as I tried to get a shot. The shot never did turn out as awesome as it was in my head, but the moments I got between them, candid and unexpected, those ones are still my favourites.

Jennifer Kapala 1

Jennifer Kapala 1-2

Jennifer Kapala 1-3

Jennifer Kapala 1-4

Jennifer Kapala 1-5

It’s made me realize how little I am sharing. Of my knowledge, of my thoughts or of my ideas and how much I have to share.  I am going to work on changing that. Watch out for a newsletter update if you have sign up for my newsletter, and get signed up if you haven’t!

I am leaving soon for Hawaii and I cannot wait to share our experiences there.  You may want to follow me on Periscope for this one @jenniferkapalaphoto.



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