How do you see yourself?

I get it.

Really I do.

I am there too.

Only five more pounds then I will.

When I get my hair done, then I will.

I have to get new clothes, then I will.

As moms, there a million different reasons we say we will…sometime.

But that’s how you see you. What if, what if just for a second, you imagine how your kids see you.

I hated this picture series.

I should have pressed my shirt (what what I thinking??).  I should have sucked in a little more (what WAS I thinking?).  I should have lifted my chin so you wouldn’t have seen the wrinkles anymore. Clearly I WASN’T thinking.

I should haves was all that I saw.

There were only things I didn’t like about this picture.

Until my youngest son said it was perfect.

Which I still don’t see.

But he sure does.


What does perfect look like? And whose version are you trying to live up to?



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