Hello there and welcome to the first post on my new blog!  I plan to use my blog to post experiences of photo shoots as they happen. Stay tuned for some introductory specials and promotions, almost like a “grand opening” – without the inflatable gorilla and spot lights.

I hope you will enjoy it all right along side of me.

  • Sandee

    Congrats Jen!!! Website looks fantastic!

  • Robbi

    Jennifer took my family potraits. It took her two years to convince us to do it, but we finally managed it. I was so pleased and surprised how easy she made everything. We took photos in the house and at the nearby park. The pictures she took captured the true essence of my family and the love that we share. These photos will always be a memory of what our family is. The session felt like it took only 15 minutes but in reality was close to two hours. That is how good Jennifer is! There is so much more I could say about Jennifer Kapala’s photography but why don’t you try it for yourself? Go for it it is so worth it!

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