Family Gatherings….

I love traditions. Especially around Christmas.  I know, I know, we just had daylight savings and moved the clocks ahead, but I still like traditions and family gatherings have particularly special meaning.  I loved this session, from the moment mom called me, like many moms do, to arrange for the family photos, planning months in advance to get the perfect day when her boys were home and so were their grandparents.  It was important.  It had meaning. Family coming together to celebrate, from all corners of the world – Europe, Ontario and BC.  They were celebrating being together and wanted to remember the times with a family portrait.  We spent some time in their lovely house before heading outside as well, but I felt like sharing the ones we took at home with everyone there, because that’s what it’s all about.

Jennifer Kapala Photography Winter Session 2012



This year as we head into spring and summer, how will you celebrate your special occasions and how will you remember them?

Make them great memories 🙂

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