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I just returned from a trip to Madrid where I was asked to teach a class and speak at the Babyf congress. It was an amazing time, and I cant wait to give a full blog post once I am finished processing the images.  While I came home with a full heart and head, I also came home renewed.  The trip made me realize a lot of things that have been swirling around me for a while.  How much passion I have for this incredible field of photography, and how much love I have for the craft and art of it, and for sharing that passion with others. For me, creativity is a well where the more you use, the more it fills up, and the more you have and I certainly had a lot of inspiration coming home. The image below was my first inspired by my trip to Madrid where I spent an afternoon slowly falling in love with Spain at the Museo de arte Thyssen-Bornemisza. While I love all art, old world paintings, rich in meaning and symbolism, are some of my favourites. I definitely was going for a painterly feel, reminiscent of my first love, oil painting and also wanted to try a technique in water to add to the feel. Of course, the medieval reference, a nod to my history background, is there as always ;). I am all about pushing limits and trying new things in my work. For me its the only way to grow and stretch, and I would encourage everyone to do the same. There is no fear in failure if you define success by your effort.  And it doesn’t have to take forever either.  All of these materials were around my home and the total session lasted no longer than five minutes and was taken just before I headed out to another session.  I am a firm believer in being creative on the spot with what you have on hand and drawing on your inspiration and your vision. As a bonus, I was very honoured when this image was recognized by Child Photo Competition Inspiring Monday.


As the new year approaches, what will be your goals and growth areas? How will you push yourself?

I would love to hear your thoughts….


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