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If you follow me at all, you know I am HUGE believer in personal projects. If you want just one way to grow and develop as a technician, artist and human being, embark on one. Some of the biggest growth and development for me has come as a result of  my 365 projects and I cherish everyone of them. But here is the sad truth, despite the number of pictures I take of my family a year, I am rarely IN them. Its like I don’t exist. Seriously. Consider,  just for a moment, you look back on your childhood pictures, and no where in sight are your parents. EVER. They were ALWAYS behind the camera, because their hair was too messy, they needed to loose weight, they wore the wrong pants that day, they looked too old or their hair needed to be dyed. If you could turn back time, what would you tell them? How do you feel?

I know what I would say. I would say, “I want to see what you liked, what moved you, what you dressed like and what you loved. I want to see how your face lit up when you hugged me, how you pushed the swing for me, chased me through waves, carried me up so high, or just held my hand.” I would want to be taken back to that time when it was just us, or see who you were before us.  Where I felt safe and all was right with my world.Imagine you could give that gift to your kids. Its a gift you can give your kids, and I would say its way more meaningful than anything they got for Christmas this year.

So this year, I decided that I would undertake a Project 52 called “Get in the Frame”.  52 weeks, 52 frames and 52 pictures to prove that I exist. And show my kids a little of who I am. Its’ only three weeks in, and I am posting what I have already. Why? Because its not too late to start. Start now. With what you have and with where you are. All that matters is that you start.

Exist. Because you matter.



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