Capturing Christmas – A few tips

Christmas is a magical time – all the lights, decorations, and kids expressions are really something wonderful.  It is my favourite time of the year! I wanted to share a few of my favourite tips on getting those picture perfect Christmas tree photos with your kiddos!

  1. Use your tripod if you have one. If you don’t own one,  prop your camera on books, counters, furniture – whatever works!
  2. Use a wider aperture and a slower shutter speed. Of course that means that your kids have to stay still, so make it fun and play a game like Simon Says or freeze.  For these photos, most were shot at 3200 ISO, an aperture of 3.5 to 2.8 and at 1/15th of a second.
  3. Turn off all the lights around the house and use the Christmas lights to help light your subject (it helps if you have LOTS of lights on the tree, which I didn’t this year).  In the one below, I wanted to capture my son putting the new decoration he just made on the tree, so I had him reach near the light to place it. You can see all the light reflected on his face. He also chose his hat and wanted to bring his favourite stuffy from Santa last year – it helps to get the kids involved!

4. Play with the light sources you have at hand – I used a snow globe to get the light cast back on his face in the picture below. Fairy lights are also another great light source to use and are available everywhere. 

5. Play with silhouettes.  Sometimes less is more – you don’t need to see much of his face to get the sense of a quiet moment he is sharing with our dog. place your children in front of the tree, standing or sitting and try to capture some silhouettes too!

Hope that helps capture some of your favourite moments this year under the tree. I would love to see yours, so make sure to share!



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