The Stable Boy – Calgary Concept Photography

The Stable Boy – A medieval stable boy walks out into the dusk to bring in his charges after a long day at the stable…
I have to admit right here, this picture is me. Totally me. Well, I am not a boy, nor so young, but it combines two of my biggest loves, horses (insinuated) and medieval history. If I could have traveled back into time, this is how I imagine it being. The dusk, the glow from the lantern, the worn gate…all of it has been etched in my mind ever since I had a fascination with castles and knights as a young girl that spilled over to my love of history and the stories that go along with it. I feel pretty lucky that now I get to tell those stories with my camera.

This is the third in my concept shoot series that I am doing as part of a pro-concept group. I have loved co-creating with each of my boys and feel that they all have unique pieces of art for their rooms. I only have one more concept to shoot – I am feeling kinda sad that June is almost here, but I am totally looking forward to this last one.



What have you enjoyed about this series?  If there is anything you’d like to know about the series, concept photography, the inspirations behind these photos let me know! I would love to hear about what you are working on that inspires you!

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