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A few months ago, I entered my second print competition, the NAPCP Inspired Gallery, and I learned a ton, which I want to blog about when I get the images back. Winning, or even placing, at a print competition is so much harder than a digital competition. I find as there are more factors which go into a winning image, paper choice, editing etc to name just a few.  I find it a challenge and I learn so much more about the value of the printed image and how important the quality of my work is. There is something so satisfying about taking a vision in your head all the way into reality and holding it in your hands, never mind putting it out in the word to be judged and having others examine it, flaws and all!

Here are the two images.

Third Place in the “Movement” Category

Second Place in the “Light” Category….and one of my favourites that was shot at our last year’s “Pool Party” sessions, proving to myself at least, that you CAN take winning images at any time and place if you are observant and looking for the opportunities!


Here is the official press release!

The National Association of Professional Child Photographers Honors Winners from The NAPCP Inspired Gallery Event

(April 26, 2017) – The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) is proud to announce  Jennifer Kapala from Calgary as one of the esteemed winners of the NAPCP Inspired Gallery Event.

The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of its child photographer members. In contrast to our bi-annual image competitions, the NAPCP Inspired Gallery Event was creative in nature and was participated in by both members and non- members who had the chance to place in one of three categories.

As an Inspired Gallery Event winner, each member will receive our coveted award winning NAPCP seal for website placement, increased exposure, and NAPCP member points, titles and professional recognition.

For more details on the NAPCP Inspired Gallery Event, please visit:


The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) is a member-based association representing and promoting the community of professional child photographers. The NAPCP provides a valuable platform for seasoned veterans and rising professionals alike to share their experiences, hone their craft and raise their professional visibility.

NAPCP connects parents searching for child photographers with its members by providing a comprehensive directory and informative articles on what to expect from their professional photography experience. For more information, please visit

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I often get asked about the value of a winning image, and I do think there is a ton, beyond the incredible personal pride that I feel in being able to take award winning images for my clients (And I think they like it too!!).  Would love to hear your thoughts as a photographer, or a client!  Does it matter to you?  How do you feel??
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