Before and After – Calgary Underwater Maternity Session

This is from an underwater maternity session I did as part of our “Pool Party” sessions last summer. What drew me in was the rays of the sun streaming down through the water and the moment. That mere hesitation before you push away from the side, a safe harbour, to explore the water. To me, it was much like the waiting for a new little one, and the waiting before you launch into something new. Both literal and metaphorical.

Part of underwater photography for me is learning to see the possibilities that exist in each picture and find my own way of seeing. Having a strong vision and learning how to execute it allows you to stay ahead and relevant. Copying what you have seen others do, is, well just that. Copying.  And you trail when you copy.

If you are interested in differentiating yourself in a competitive market, finding your own way of seeing, learning the skill, art and business of underwater photography join award winning photographer Barb Toyama and myself this summer. You’ll hone your technical skills, including post processing, learn how to work with clients and set your vision free. To help support your learning, we are also including after the workshop support and business coaching for a total experience.  Registration details can be found here.

For those of you who are interested in our “Pool Party” Sessions, which were just incredible last year, registration will be opening soon and we cant wait to get back in the water and show you how incredible your family is!!

Find your own voice always. Let us help you get there.

A little before and after so you see what I mean.




See you in the water,


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