Personal projects – Calgary boy having fun on mom’s bed

I have thought a lot lately about personal projects. Somewhat because I am about to leave for Spain in a few days  to a photography conference in Madrid and its the topic of my speech, at babyf.  But more about how much they have impacted my journey as a photographer. We all make decisions and for me, following my gut, despite all the excuses I could have found not to, and making the commitment to shooting personal projects, well, to say life wouldn’t have been the same if I chose to watch TV instead, is an understatement. Limitations, both real and self imposed have been lifted, and I have found a way to work around some very difficult situations.

Preparing for this experience next week has been a lot of fun and challenging and rewarding all at the same time.  To illustrate some of my materials, I shot the series below all with one lens, one that you wouldn’t typically use in portrait sessions, but I love how it turned out.  Although I love gear, and its easy to get into collector mode, I have found that sticking to a few lenses and shooting with them all the time, has been the most rewarding experience. You get to know which tool to pull out to get that vision out of your head and into the real world. And for me, thats what personal projects are all about.

Oh, and overcoming fear…..more on that in Madrid 😉








Any guesses on which lens I used?

See you soon Madrid and babyf.

A hug,


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