A Mother’s Bond – Nursing Milk Bath Sessions

There something that is so special about a mother and child’s bond. They are some of my favourite connections to capture as a photographer, especially moments which are so fleeting. Like the time a momma spends nursing her babe.  I was so blessed over the summer to have my partner in crime, Barb Toyama from Endless Summer Photography , visit me with her sweet daughter.  From the way she still fit into mom’s hands, to how her little feet kick while nursing and then the way she reaches to touch her mom’s face gently, they are all to me, the “why” of family photography. We made these images together to make time pause for a moment, and I would love to make more for momma’s who are wanting to capture those fleeting moments too.

Here are a few of my favourites….






Babr blog (1 of 1)

With the opening of my studio soon (if you aren’t on my newsletter get on it here for a special invite!) I am looking forward to being able to offer more of these types of sessions. Connect with me for more details!



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