A few of my favourite moments….

Its been a loooooong time since I have posted nothing here, and I have wanted to share so much work that I have been doing lately! ¬†From underwater sessions, extended family sessions, new babes, and of course our Mother’s Day Celebration Sessions we had a few months back.

I am sharing a very quiet moment in a very busy day for one of my little clients. I have said this before, and its true. The quiet moments are usually my favourite. I love the soft light falling on his face, mom’s hand in the background, his little curls highlighted by the light, and the movement of a pudgy little hand, not quite a baby anymore, away from mom to stretch out and start to explore the world outside. To me, its like a transition from baby to toddler in three short frames…


What do you think?


Summer session are booking up fast!  Stay tuned for a announcement shortly on a Pool Party Underwater Celebration that promises to be fun!



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