Jennifer Kapala is a Calgary Alberta family photographer.  From an early age, Jennifer has  believed that family is the heart and soul of society.  She has become an award-winning photographer by finding her own unique way of capturing the memories of a family, through the belief  that it is as important to capture the small moments as the really big ones, because they all matter.


After graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and History, she found herself gravitating toward the field of Human Resources and pursued a post-graduate certification in Human Resources from Humber College Business School.  She quickly found her niche working within the Ontario Public Service.  When not spending time with her first son, she spent hours in the darkroom developing prints and film.  After moving to Calgary in 2007 for work and to be closer to the majestic Rockies, she found her new role with the City of Calgary’s Human Resources Department, where she could continue to build upon her natural passion for public service.


Always an artist at heart and an accomplished oil painter, after her first son was born Jennifer found a new outlet for her creative passion in the medium of photography.  Studying studio and on location lighting, dark room techniques and digital post-processing, she began to realize that she could express her vision and passion through imagery. And being the mother of three active boys, she was naturally drawn to photographing families and children, seeing the potential to freeze moments in time, to be cherished as the years passed and time changed those moments to memories


Jennifer loves to create a fun, relaxed and informal photography experience for her clients, drawing on her considerable talent for understanding relationships and dynamics to find the right moments to capture.  Her favourite way to photograph is to focus on beautiful emotion, especially quiet intense moments that may go unnoticed in a day but really tell the story of your life and your soul.  With each session, she strives to capture the essence of the family at that very moment, to give them memories which will last a lifetime.  She encourages her subjects to forget about the crumbs on the floor (or on the kids), the toys underfoot, the waiting laundry, the muddy shoes; to see that these are all a part of their personal story, their everyday lives.


Always seeking to improve her craft,  Jennifer maintains active membership in the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) and is an accredited member of the Professional Photographer of Canada (PPOC).  She has been recognized for her work on several occasions including:


  • “Only One You” First Place, Child Category (NAPCP July 2012 International Image Competition)
  • “Trouble” Recognition of Merit, Sibling Category (NAPCP July 2013 International Image Competition)
  • “Twilight of Childhood” Recognition of Merit, Seniors & Tweens Category, Category (NAPCP July 2013 International Image Competition)


Jennifer also devotes her time and talents to several charities and organizations that are close to her heart.  Chief among these is the Tiny Light Foundation, a charity whose mission is to provide professional photography for children and families that have been faced with a life-altering diagnosis.  She also volunteers with the Autism/Aspergers Friendship Society, Autism Calgary, Allies for Autism and the Human Resources Association of Alberta (HRIA).



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