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I have recently been trying to take more quiet, everyday moments with some of my personal work.  I love taking just a few frames to express a relationship or a fleeting moment in time.  My youngest son recently turned four and I captured the last five minutes before his bedtime as a three year old.  I was fortunate enough to have it featured on the 5 Minute Project - check it out! To me, these four frames below really get at the essence of who my two youngest buys are, of  their relationship with each other and myself, and of our vacation.  From a playful moment with one, to the two of them interacting with me and each other, to the quiet comtemplation of my youngest.  It’s only four pictures, yet it brings back a wealth of memories for me :).

What story would you tell with four frames?

Jennifer Kapala 5 mins of brothers



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Underwater photography has always intrigued me as much as water has captivated  me.  From swimming pools to the depths of the ocean, there is something all at once calming and powerful about water that I find hauntingly inspiring. I recently got back from Maui and got lots of opportunities to really explore the water and my fascination with it. From my time there, and reflecting on what I want to do with my work this year, I have decided to start a new series of personal work and explore it a bit further.  I am a firm believer in personal work to further your technical and creative ability as an artist. A couple of years ago I completed a 365 and although it was really challenging to have that type of dedication, it was worth it. Personal projects have the power to set  you free to create without any pressure, besides those we inflict on ourselves.

There is many more to come, but I loved this night on the beach in the waves watching children play by the last light of the day.  Hope you join me on this journey.

Water Stories - Jennifer Kapala Child Photography-1-2

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As we enter the cocoon of late winter, I find myself reflecting more on the year ahead and what I want from it.  Right now I am dreaming of those warm, long sunlight evenings this family day weekend…

Jennifer Kapala Child Photography


What are you dreaming about?

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Shot five minutes before sunset on a cold winter’s eve.  This wasn’t the concept I had originally, but it does capture the light within my son carries inside him day in and day out – that  expression, wonder and curiosity. perfectly imperfect :)

Jennifer Kapala child




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A few of my favourites from 2013…some because they captured my heart as soon as I took them, some because I worked for months to create them and others because of the moments they meant to the families I photographed. A mixture of personal and client photographs, I hope you enjoy them as much I did making them.

I hope that 2014 will be a year of change for me, as it is promising to be.  I will be embarking on a few personal projects again, which I cannot wait to get started on:)

What does 2014 hold for you and who will be in your pictures?

Jennifer Kapala 2013 Finale

Jennifer Kapala_-7


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