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This was one of my last sessions of last year, an extended family session, which are some of my favourite sessions to photograph!  Although we originally planned an outdoor session, we moved it indoors to accommodate everyone’s needs in the family. I really feel that studio sessions can be a lot of fun! Some of my favourite pictures from this session of the cousins together really show how despite the distance (they came from all over the States and Canada), there is still such a strong bond and sense of play :)

Thank you for inviting me to photograph your time together. It was an honour :)

JENNIFER Kapala Studio 4


Jennifer Kapala Studio 3

Jenifer Kapala Studio 2

Jennifer Kapala Family Photography


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I am embarking on another 365 personal project.  For those who may not have been following me, I did one in 2013, and when I finished never thought I’d do another one. Ever. But, I printed them, my kids loved looking at the photos, we moved houses, they grew up a bit more, and I was feeling the need to make sure I was getting these changes. I can’t stop time, but I can freeze a moment, create art from the everyday, and leave behind something for my kids to look back on. I learned a lot from my last 365 project, which I may share in a blog post soon if there is enough interest. I hope to learn as much, if not more, as I did last time.

I didn’t start January 1, as most do, as I truly believe you can start a personal project whenever you feel like it, and a year is a year wherever you start it from.  So, if you haven’t started yet, but want to, please don’t wait a whole year for an arbitrary date. There is as much power in the NOW as there is in January 1 2016…maybe a bit more ;).

I’d love to hear what personal projects you are working on now. Whether it’s a 365, a 52 week, or some other project, I truly believe personal projects do much to recharge your creativity, challenge your skills and add to your growth in so many different ways. I hope you’ll join me on mine.

Here’s what the first two weeks of 365 days looked like for me…

Week 1


Week 2

Week 2



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I have had another awesome year with great clients.  I am truly blessed that I get to do what I do and am honoured when I am asked to capture memories for families, especially when they gather from far and wide.

Thank you for inviting me into your home – here are a few of my favourites :)

Final Extended Family Session


Much love,

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One of the things I love about where we live is the rolling expanse of prairie land and how they meet at the foothills of the Rockies.  We have such gorgeous landscape and such incredible sunsets here.  I am so very thankful I had an equally beautiful young woman to help me capture it all.

Here’s a little of what a warm summer evening in the prairies felt like to me…


Jennifer Kapala Teen


I hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you are…


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I wanted to say a huge heartfelt “thanks” to all the mothers who I had the pleasure to work with over the last year.  Thanks for wanting to capture the time before you officially became a mom, the time you had family gathering from far and wide, the time you held your newborn baby boy and could hardly believe he was here, from first birthdays, to coming home from school for a visit and the time before they left again to start a new adventure…for all of these times and many, many more. I am thankful I was able to capture it.  I wish you an awesome Mother’s Day :)

Here’s just a few of the moms and the memories….

Jennifer Kapala Mother's Day

Hope you have a good one and “Thanks Mom”,

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